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Spalted Beech & Holly Spalted Beech & Holly Spalted Beech & Holly Spalted Beech & Holly Spalted Beech & Holly

Spalted Beech & Holly

Spalted Beech with a Spalted Holly Lid.

Spalting is simply a fungal discolouration of the wood, not a separate species. It's found in wood that have begun initial stages of decay but once the wood is dried the process is stopped. It can give the wood dark contrsting lines and streaks wherre the funggus has begun to attack the wood. This piece was rough turned to shape then left to dry for several months, it's then brought back tto the lathe where both the inside and outside are trued up. It is then sanded to a fine finish and given multiple coats of an eco-friendly hard wearing hardwax oil so there is no maintenance required other than dusting.

It measures 265mm H x 165mm D and a capacity of 3.2ltrs. (10 ⅝" H x 6 ½" D Capacity 195 cubic inches)

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